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Fifth-generation Air-to-air Missile System

A-Darter is a leading wingtip fifth-generation Imaging Infrared (IIR) SRAAM air-to-air missile system. It has a lock-on after launch and memory tracking with the latest processing capabilities. The A-Darter may be designated to a target by using the aircraft's radar, a helmet sight or the missile's very effective autonomous scan feature if radar silence is required. The seeker's large look-angles and the airframe's agility enable high off-bore sight helmet designated firings. Long-range intercepts beyond IR detection range are also possible with the lock-on after launch capability of the A-Darter.

Aircraft Integration

The A-Darter missile can be integrated on the latest and older generation aircraft platforms. It has already been integrated on the JAS-39 Gripen. Integration on the Hawk Mk 120 is under way.


Technical Data

  • Length : 2 980 mm
  • Diameter : 166 mm
  • Mass : 93 kg


System Features

  • A-Darter is a leading wingtip mounted fifth-generation Imaging Infrared (IIR) SRAAM that will enhance your platform's lethality.
  • Designed by Denel Dynamics (co-funded by Brazil), utilising its 50 years of air-to-air missile experience.
  • High agility (thrust vector controlled) to handle the closest of close combats.
  • A two-colour thermal imaging seeker with high sensitivity and a multi-mode ECCM suite.
  • Advanced digital processing capability ensures improved performance in terms of image detection, false target rejection, ECCM, guidance and control.
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