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High-speed Target Drone

The Skua is a high-speed target drone designed to simulate high-speed attack aircraft during weapon development as well as land, sea and air combat training. The Skua has an all-composite, low-drag airframe with a wingspan of 3.57 m and length of 6 m. Wing hard-points are provided to carry up to 130 kg of tow-targets and signature augmentation equipment. An internal bay can house a payload of up to 30 kg.

The System

The system comprises:

  • Four to eight target drones
  • Launcher
  • Mobile ground control station
  • Ground support equipment


The zero-length launcher is easily deployed. It includes self-loading and engine-starting facilities.

Ground Control Station

The mobile ground control station houses the control interfaces, telecommand and telemetry equipment required to control the drone. Tracking is done via position feedback from the drones navigation system.

System Features

  • Reliable communications link
  • Easy deployment and recovery
  • Large payload capacity
  • Programmable missions
  • Radar and infrared tow targets


  • Maximum speed: Mach 0.86 at 10 000 m
  • Controllable range: 200 km (line-of-sight)
  • Altitude: 150 m to 11 000 m
  • Endurance: 60 min at 6 000 m and Mach 0.7
  • Manoeuvrability: 5 g at 1 500 m

Operation Deployment

The system is easily transportable by land, sea and air, and can be deployed in less than a day. No sophisticated range equipment is required for system operation.

Flight Control

Following launch, all flight path and drone manoeuvres are controlled by a telecommand and telemetry link between the drone and ground station. The drone can also fly autonomously to a programmed mission plan.


A two-stage parachute system is used to recover the drone. The drone lands in an inverted horizontal position on pneumatic landing bags. It can also be recovered over water.

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