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Long-range Precision-guided Missile

Mokopa (Black mamba) is a long-range, precision-guided missile that utilises the semi-active laser guidance concept. Its high performance, large-calibre tandem warhead will destroy any foreseen armoured threat. It may also be used effectively against other high value ground, air or naval targets from a variety of launch platforms such as land vehicles, shore battery installations, naval vessels and fixed wing aircraft. The modular design of the missile allows for different warheads (e.g. penetration, fragmentation or anti-armour), optimised for the type of target.

Furthermore, the modularity of the missile system facilitates pre planned upgrades, such as mmW and IIR seekers, ensuring a continued presence in the market.

System Features

  • Multi-purpose, precision-guided missile may be used against a variety of targets and launched from various platforms
  • Semi-active laser guidance
  • Excellent price/performance ratios
  • Multiple warhead capability, tandem warhead (1 350 mm penetration)

System Description

The Mokopa system consists of the following major components:

  • 178 mm missile
  • Launcher (two or four missiles)
  • Support equipment

System Operation (SAL Version)

Prior to launch, target information must be supplied via the on-board sighting system or from an external source. After launch, the missile flies towards the target area, using the selected trajectory and fly-out method. During the terminal phase, the target must be illuminated by the on-board sighting system or a remote designator.

Technical Data

  • Missile mass : 49.8 kg
  • Missile diameter : 178 mm
  • Missile length : 1 995 mm
  • Seeker : Semi-active laser homing
  • Warhead : Tandem HEAT
  • Penetration : > 1 350 mm RHA
  • Range : 10 000 m
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