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Multi-mission, Multi-role ISR System

For enhanced situational awareness, the Seeker 400 is an evolution of the battle-proven Seeker II UAS. This self-contained system with operational spares offers: a large payload carrying capability; high-definition video imagery; real-time data acquisition and transmission to remote receivers; autonomous takeoff and landing capability; external wing hard points for carriage of external fuel tanks or weapons; multiple sensor payloads; manual and autonomous capability (flight control and payload control); brake-assisted ground operation; separate or combined shelter configurations for the Mission Control Unit (MCU) and Tracking and Communications Unit (TCU); and integration with customer-preferred payloads (such as Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

The System

The Seeker 400 System operates at direct line-of-sight (LOS) ranges of up to 250 km from the base station and provides:

  • Real-time day and night reconnaissance
  • Target location and designation
  • Artillery fire support
  • ELINT and Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
  • Border and Maritime patrol

The system comprises:

  • Four to six UAVs
  • MCU and TCU units
  • Payloads
  • Field support equipment
  • Optional secondary MCU and TCU

System Features

  • Direct 250 km LOS control range with >10h over target
  • Range extension up to 700 km with passing control of UAV via the secondary MCU and TCU
  • Up to 16 h endurance
  • Up to 18 000 ft service ceiling
  • 100 kg payload capability (excluding fuel but including optional emergency parachute)
  • Dual links allow dual mission payloads
  • Brake-assisted ground operation/taxing
  • Piloted and autonomous flight capability
  • Observer and autonomous payload control capability
  • VHF and UHF FM Tactical Communications Radios Mode S Transponder and VHF AM radio for ATC interfacing. An IFF Transponder can be provided as alternative.
  • MCU and TCU can also be supplied as a combined single shelter or housed in a building.
  • System is air transportable in a single IL-76 or two C-130 aircraft.
  • ATOL capability or external piloted take-off and landing.


The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has a modular all-composite, low-drag design for optimum performance. The highly efficient engine and large fuel capacity provide up to 16 h endurance, service ceiling of up to 18 000 ft and payload capacity of up to 100 kg.


The Mission Control Unit (MCU) is the main interface between the mission control crew and the UAV. Its functions include:

  • Mission planning and simulation
  • UAV control and monitoring
  • Communications control
  • Dual Payload control
  • Workstations have identical hardware, with dedicated software enabling specific functions.


The Tracking and Communications Unit (TCU) contains the dual redundant tracking and communications equipment that maintains contact with the UAV. It facilitates dual payload operation and transmission of high definition imagery. It is an unmanned, separate unit that can be located up to 200 m from the MCU, enabling it to be positioned for optimum LOS communication. The stand-alone TCU has the additional benefit of providing safety to the crew in the event of an air-to-ground weapon strike onto the TCU.


S400 is capable of carrying dual imaging EO/IR payloads with gimbal diameters of up to 530 mm. The images are transmitted to the MCU via the dual high definition video downlinks. The following sensor combinations are typically included:

  • Colour daylight camera with zoom lens; IR thermal imager with step fields of view
  • Day colour or monochrome spotter camera; Night spotter camera
  • Laser illuminator and LRF
  • An ELINT Payload is available for detection and location of radar emitters.
  • To provide for multi-mission and multi-roles, optional COTS sensors and payloads like SAR, COMINT, SIGINT etc. can be integrated.
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