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Raptor II

Long-range, High-precision Guided Weapon

Raptor II is a long-range, high-precision guided weapon that can be launched from a variety of aircraft to achieve pinpoint accuracy for the destruction of high-value targets.

The modularity of the system ensures mission flexibility for optimum launch aircraft survival and target destruction. Various system upgrades such as improved stand-off range and alternative seeker types are in progress.


System Features

  • Extreme high precision
  • Modularity allows for mission flexibility
  • Heavy calibre warheads (600 kg)
    • Fragmentation (with airburst capability)
    • Penetration
  • Multiple simultaneous target engagement
  • Variety of seekers:
    • GNSS/INS
    • LLTV
    • IIR (with ATR)
  • All-weather attack capability
  • Ease of integration with older (strap-on) and new generation aircraft
  • Enhanced robustness against GNSS jamming and spoofing
  • In-flight target re-programming capability

System Description

The Raptor II system flies autonomously to the target and is then designated on the intended point of impact by the operator.

The Communications Pod is mounted on the launch aircraft or on a second aircraft, which allows for the control of the weapon over a separation distance of up to 200 km. A set of cockpit display symbology indicates weapon and mission status.

The weapon allows for two methods of operation, depending on the Seeker used:

  • The weapon will fly autonomously to the target. The operator designates the precise point of impact by means of an advanced auto-tracker.
  • Fire-and-forget GNSS/INS aided navigation.

Aircraft Integration

Raptor has been integrated on the Mirage III/V, Mirage F1, Cheetah and SU-24. The system can also be integrated with other suitable aircraft, e.g.MiG-29, SU-27/30, Mirage 2000, and Tornado.

Simulation and Training

Mission planning is performed by means of the Ground-based System (GBS) utilising geographic maps and/or photo-strips. 

Operator training of the aircrew is also performed on the GBS, simulating the entire mission.

A low-cost multi-mission Airborne Trainer allows for cost-effective operator training. This trainer can be integrated on smaller light fighters for cost-effective operations.

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