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For enhanced situational awareness

This small UAV has an all-composite, low-drag blended wing design that ensures optimum performance. It is fitted with a day or night payload. The communications link on-board the UAV enables real-time communication up to 100 km from base. The UAV is catapult-launched and skid-landed.

System Features

The UAV has an all-composite,low-drag design that ensures optimum performance. It is catapult-launched and skid-landed. Hungwe offers the following features:

  • Wing span of 4m
  • MTOW of 35 kg
  • Direct Line-of-sight range of 100 km
  • Up to 6 h endurance
  • Up to 12 000 ft service ceiling
  • Up to 5 kg day and night mission payload (fuel excluded)
  • Piloted and autonomous flight capability

The system comprises:

  • Two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • One Ground Control Station (GCS)
  • Two payloads
  • A launcher
  • Field support equipment

Ground Control Station

The GCS is portable, quick to set up and easy to use. It consists of the following components:

Flight Management System, used for:

  • Mission planning
  • UAV control
  • Payload control
  • Status monitoring
  • Video display

Antenna tripod, used for:

  • Transmission and reception of the radio frequency signal
  • Tracking the UAV The GCS can easily be installed into a vehicle according to operational requirements and to provide for high mobility of the system.


A few applications of the Hungwe are:

  • Border patrol
  • Anti-piracy operations
  • Game park surveillance
  • Battlefield support
  • Law enforcement
  • Search and rescue
  • Pipeline surveillance


The UAS:

  • Can be operational within one hour of arriving at the deployment site.
  • Can be disassembled and transported within less than an hour.
  • Is capable of being operated by a crew of two Hungwe is transportable in one single commercial 4 x 4 vehicle.
  • Overall dimensions of 3.0 m wingspan, 2.0 m (L) and 0.45 m (H) ensures portability and a small footprint.
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